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Humanitarianism or Cynicism?

How many of us wake up every day and feel angry at our limitations? Certainly, it’s hard to be grateful for what we have when there are so many things we can’t have. The inveterate cliché “Life is what you make of it” seems hard to endorse when bills are due and the car breaks down.

The smiling faces in these pictures are the faces of people you will never meet, who live in a place you probably don’t know that much about. They live in abjection and exile; we should be grateful that their reality is hard for us to imagine. They don’t have cars or cell phones. They probably don’t have shoes. They don’t have the opportunity to have bills because they don’t have electricity and running water.

The reality is, without the help of foreign contributions these people have little to no hope of overcoming these circumstances. The fifteen American dollars that it costs to park your car for the day or have lunch would cover the medical expenses of a child in India for an entire month. That’s one whole month of health insurance for the price of a sandwich and salad. It seems hard to really believe that this is true, but it is.

Aadarana Children’s Home is a place where the impoverished, enslaved, and abused can learn to smile again. We can’t solve their problems, but it is easy to help- as easy as bringing a bag lunch instead of eating out.

The task is daunting, but the world will be saved one person at a time. Let’s keep at it.

Love & Share,

Amanda Brady


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